About This Blog

Hello. Thank you for visiting this blog. You may wonder what’s this blog all about. In a nutshell, this blog is about thoughts on international politics. And this blog is for anyone who is interested in National Security, Diplomacy, Regions such as East Asia and the Middle East, Theory of International Relations, Phycological explanations of International Politics, etc.

This blog is never about teaching you. It is about discussing, and deepening our knowledge TOGETHER!

Because I know I may make a lot of mistakes, and that I may make a very weird argument. It is you, to read critically and even make a comment on my post. That’s the way it should be, even if I’m the best IR scholor in the world.

I present my thoughts and findings through following categories.

IR in Daily Life

International Relations (/Politics) is closely related to our daily life. This is not just about wars and trade, which directly influence on our lives, but also about leadership, deterrence, legitimacy, which can be found both in daily life and in International Politics. I write about these interesting resemblance I found and hopefully share lessons from that.

Book reviews and Thesis Reviews

In these categories, I post reviews on books and reviews. Sometimes they might not seem to be necessary related to International Politics. But interest thing about International Politics is that everything, from technology to climate change, is somehow related to International Politics. Let’s dive into this vast ocean together!

News Analyzed

The news is going to be analyzed, drawing on IR theories and other related areas theories.


Hope you enjoy this blog and discussing with me and fellow readers!