The Adamant World Order: Is Populism a Threat to the World Order?

Today, I'm very pleasure to anounce that my paper, whose title is "The Adamant World Order: Is Populism a Threat to the World Order?", is now published on the Geopolitics. As the tittle suggests, this paper examines the affect of populsim toward the world order.  In this paper I show that although populism does not... Continue Reading →


“The Anarchical Society” in a Nutshell

“The Anarchical Society” is considered as one of the most important books among the English School of International Relations. Written by Hadley Bull, this book has been listed in a graduate reading list since the publication. Today I shall write a brief summary and review of this insightful book. As the subtitle of the book... Continue Reading →

The One with More about Securitization

Today I’m going to introduce more about Securitization theory. The merit of understanding Securitization is that this enables us to see security issues in a different way. This perspective tells us security issues may not be inherently security issues for us, but they may be constructed on purpose. In the previous post, I wrote about... Continue Reading →

The One with Securitization

Today I’m going to introduce the concept “Securitization”. This is useful to understand some of the discussion about security around the world. This concept entails the argument that the security issues are actually constructed. What is Securitization? Securitization is the process of making an issue a “security” issue.  In more difficult terms, it is the... Continue Reading →

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